According to Agence France-Presse in Washington, the US Department of Defense stated on the 14th local time that more and more extreme rightists and white supremacists have enlisted in the army in the past year, and there were signs that some extremist organizations have provided support for their enlistment.

The Department stated that it would investigate the development of extremism in the US military and formulate an effective policy to prevent the extremism of the 2-million US military.

According to the report, the Department of Defense is launching related investigations since there is evidence that active and retired military personnel may have participated in the “Capitol Hill Riot” last Wednesday(6th). Gary Reid, an officer in charge of intelligence and law enforcement in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, said: “White supremacy and extremism in the military are not new issues, but after Congress is attacked, this issue must be resolved immediately.”

A survey conducted by the Military Times last year indicated that about one-third of the military personnel interviewed on active duty believed that there were ultra-rightists and white supremacists in the US military.