One year left before the new French presidential election. According to the public opinion survey released on the 18th, the public opinion approval rate of French President Nicolas macarone is 37%, and the public opinion base remains stable.

According to the survey results released by Ifop on the same day, with 37% of the public opinion support rate, macarone is ahead of the public opinion support rate of the same period when Nicolas Sarkozy and Hollande were French presidents.

During the same period as president, Mr. Sarkozy’s approval rating was 28% (2011), while Mr. Hollande’s was 14% (2016). Mr. Sarkozy failed in his bid for re-election, while Mr. Hollande gave up.

But Mr.Makron’s popularity rating is lower than that of Mr.Chirac and Mr.Mitterrand at the same time. One year before Chirac and Mitterrand ran for re-election (2001 and 1987, respectively), their public support rates reached 56%.

The poll also shows that the public opinion of Mr. makelong remains stable: 75% of the voters who voted for him in the 2017 presidential election are satisfied with his administration. But polls also show that Makron’s approval rating among right-wing voters has declined.

In addition, French Prime Minister kastai’s public opinion support rate dropped by two percentage points to 34% compared with the last poll. France’s BFM television said it was the lowest public opinion rating since he became prime minister in July last year.

According to the current arrangement, the first round of voting for the new French presidential election will be held in April 2022. If no candidate obtains a majority in the first round of voting, the first two candidates with the leading votes will enter the second round.

A number of French politicians have planned to run. Among them are Marina Le Pen, leader of the French far right party “National League”, Melancho, leader of the far left party “unyielding France”, and Russell, National Secretary of the French Communist Party.