According to a report by the EFE News Agency in Washington on January 6, the world leaders were shocked to see that protesters attacked the US Congress headquarters under the instigation of President Trump. Leaders of many countries condemned the serious attack on the U.S. Capitol and unanimously called on the American people to remain calm and respect the election results. Most international leaders expressed their views on this incident through social networks.

United Kingdom: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued a tweet condemning the violence. “Too disgraceful. The United States should have been a model of democracy. Now it is vital that power must be transferred in a peaceful and orderly manner.”

Germany: In response to protesters rushing into the Capitol, smashing windows and occupying offices, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas tweeted: “Trump and his supporters must accept the decisions of American voters and stop trampling on democracy.”

NATO: NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg considered the violent protests in Washington “shocking” and emphasized that “election results must be respected.”

Russia: Russia’s first deputy representative to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyansli, tweeted: “The scene in Washington, D.C. reflects the style of Ukraine’s Independence Square.” He was referring to the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s incident, when popular movement eventually overthrew the allies of Moscow. “Some of my friends also ask if anyone distributes small gifts like Victoria Newland”, in order to satirize the second-ranked figure in the US Department of Foreign Affairs (former Assistant Secretary of State) during his visit to Ukraine in 2013.

EU: European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen tweeted that she believes in “the power of American institutions and democracy. The peaceful transition of power is what the people want.” “Joe Biden won the election and was elected the next United States President, I look forward to working with him.” The President of the Council of Europe Charles Michel also stated, “We hope that the United States can peacefully transfer power to Joe Biden.”

Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern about the violence in Washington. He said: “I believe that the American democratic system is very strong, and I hope that everything will return to normal soon.”

Spain: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted: “I am closely following the news from Capitol Hill in Washington. I have full confidence in the power of American democracy. I believe that the new administration of Joe Biden will overcome this moment of tension and unite the American people.” Foreign Secretary Alancha Gonzalez Laya pointed out: “Democracy is based on the peaceful transfer of power: those who lose must accept defeat. I will implement the will of the people to the senators and the House of Representatives. President Biden is full of confidence.”

Argentina: Argentine President Alberto Fernández expressed his opposition to “serious violence and the occupation of Congress” and believed that “there will be a peaceful transition that respects the will of the people”. He also stressed his strong support for the elect president Biden”.

France: French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian condemned the attack by Trump supporters on the Washington Capitol as a “serious attack on democracy.” He said: “The wishes and votes of the American people must be respected.”

Sweden: The Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Levine considered the violence in Washington to be an “attack on democracy” and that “President Trump and many members of Congress bear great responsibility for this matter. The democratic process of electing the president must be respected.”

Turkey: Anadolu News Agency issued a tweet stating that the incident in the United States has aroused the attention of Turkey. Turkey urged all parties concerned to adopt a peaceful and legal solution, uphold a moderate attitude, and seek consensus to overcome this internal political crisis.

Venezuela: The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a brief statement: ”Due to this unfortunate incident, the United States has suffered the same consequences that its aggressive policies have on other countries.” The statement also condemned the United States for “political polarization and a surge of violence. “