Whether you work for a bank, insurance company, government organization or criminal justice agency, having the right financial fraud investigation tools can make or break your research. The internet is your portal for information collection and data analysis, where you dig into financial reports, look deeper into organizations’ business practices and maybe even scan the dark web for suspicious activities related to the company or individuals you are probing. But you’re also looking for a needle in a stack of needles. Cutting through the clutter to find the right intel can be daunting; and sometimes, the needles poke back.

At Authentic8, we understand the delicate — and often risky — nature of online fraud investigations. To help you find the right information, analyze the facts and locate the most credible news related to your research, we’ve compiled the list of practical and handy resources. The new handbook, Financial Fraud Investigation: Tips & Techniques, aims to help you conduct financial fraud investigations efficiently and without putting you or your organization at risk.

The handbook compiles guidance from our financial crime and AML experts to give you a curated, quick-reference catalogue of databases, tools and intel sites. It also offers practical advice on how to navigate the dark web without compromising your identity or revealing intent; suggestions on what to look for when investigating financial crimes involving cryptocurrency; and advice on tools that can help you track down hackers based on the small clues they leave behind.

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Financial Fraud Investigation Tools from Authentic8

Silo for Research (Toolbox) is a secure and anonymous web browsing solution that enables investigators to conduct research, collect evidence and analyze data across the open, deep and dark web. Silo for Research is built on Authentic8’s patented, cloud-based Silo Web Isolation Platform, which executes all web code in a secure, isolated environment that is managed by policy, providing https://silo.authentic8.com/financial-fraud-investigations-tips-techniques-guide.htmlprotection and oversight of all web-based activity.

Financial fraud, crime and AML investigators can accomplish their goals without introducing risk to the organization or revealing intent. All web activity is logged and encrypted so compliance teams can be sure that the tools are being used appropriately.

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Your Favorite Financial Fraud Investigation Tools

If you have other favorite tools and techniques that you would like to see included in the future editions of this guide, drop us a note, and we’d be happy to look into them.

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