On November 21, Lynnfield residents will meet to determine whether a proposal to expand the town’s elementary schools will move to the ballot box. The Finance Committee unanimously supports this article, which would advance the $17 million building project to a special election vote in December.

The need is urgent. We have already outgrown our space, and risk deterioration in the quality of our elementary education, which is built on small class sizes and small class sizes that help the youngest students learn. Maintaining a quality educational environment for our youngest learners is the right thing to do. But it’s also a wise financial investment for the town and should be a priority for its residents. 

Small classes at an early age are part of the foundation of our top-performing school system. High-achieving schools anchor and accelerate home values, contribute to public safety, and are at the heart of the quality of life we are hoping to preserve. They are essential to the fiscal health of our town.

The School Building Project Committee has done extensive research into the possible options available to our town and has recommended the one that we believe combines fiscal responsibility and practicality with the ability to effectively address the needs of our students. 

There are operational costs associated with the expansion that will be recognized immediately, such as heating, cleaning, maintenance.  As school enrollment increases over the coming years, additional increases to staff will be required to keep class sizes in line with district guidelines. It is our commitment to the town that we will support this process and recommend ways we feel the town will able to support these additional expenses

After considering the financial impact of the measure – an average yearly tax increase of about $205 per household, or $17 a month, the committee has unanimously concluded that the school building expansion is a vital capital improvement project and a wise investment in the future of Lynnfield.

The Lynnfield Finance Committee

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